Wedding Table Centres 

Advice for choosing your wedding tablecentres 
Table centre’s, centrepieces, table flowers, these are the flowers that are placed in the centre of your guests and top tables. 
Your table centres will be admired during the meal and throughout the rest of the reception, they help contribute to the overall ambience and aesthetic of the day. 
So, if you are at all confused about where to start, and how to go about choosing your table centres, I’m going to offer my advice and learnings from over 18 years of flowering weddings. 
With so much choice these days it can be a little over whelming so let me break it down for you. 
Wedding Theme and Style - whether its rustic, modern, romantic or minimalist, your tables centrepieces should complement the overall theme and vibe of your wedding décor. Whatever your vision, your floral arrangements should harmonize with the overall aesthetic. Consider your personal style preferences when selecting your blooms, along with colour palette and the venue atmosphere. 
Size & Scale - when designing floral table centre-pieces consider the size and scale of your reception tables and the room. Tall arrangements will create a dramatic focal especially in grand ballrooms, or spacious venues with high ceilings. For smaller more intimate venue’s tall can be jarring and overwhelming while beautiful low designs in mini urns or bud vases will suit so much better. A big consideration I always discuss with my couples if the ability for your guests to chat with one another easily, so tall enough to be above your guests heads or low enough to chat over the top will always be my advice. Additional styling can be incorporated to add further interest, for example elegant dinner candles come in amazing colours and can bring a pop of vibrancy or a subtle hue. Lanterns, plants, 
Seasonality - discuss with your florist the flowers and foliage that are in season for your wedding date. By choosing seasonal blooms you will ensure an abundance of the varieties, and freshness and quality will be at it’s best! Try not to set your heart on Peonies for example, if you are having a spring wedding, peonies have a short season but your florist will be able to suggest something similar such as garden roses, some of which have that lovely layered ruffle look, or ranunculus which have amazing vase life and come in so many wonderful colours. A good florist will be able to offer alternatives. 
Embrace the season whether it’s the pretty summer scented sweet pea pastels or the vibrant hues of early autumn dahlias. 
Budget and Priorities - Establish a realistic budget and prioritize accordingly. Allocate funds based on the importance of floral elements within your overall vision, whether you prefer elaborate centerpieces or understated accents. It’s often a good idea to focus on one or two statement pieces, rather than lots of smaller bits and bobs, Be open about your budget with your florist, so they can provide suggestions and creative solutions that maximize impact without exceeding financial constraints. 
Venue Logistics - Take into account the logisticas of your venue, marquee’s might be installed a day or two before your wedding giving early access, whereas hotels or stateley homes may have a tighter time frame for delivery and set-up. Work with your planner, venue and florist to co-ordinate both set-up and clear down, this will help ensure a seamless transition from ceremony, to reception. 
Personalisation and sentiment - Infuse your floral table centerpieces with personal touches and sentimental elements that reflect your love story and personality as a couple. I personally love to hear about Grandma’s sweet peas, or Mum's rose garden and so where it is seasonally possible speak to your florist about bringing in these elements to make it personal to you. 
Finally do give some thought to what will happen to your flowers after the event, your flowers will be looking their best on the day, your florist will care for and nurture your flowers to bring them looking top notch. But its very possible to have a day or two more (if the weather is forgiving) to be enjoyed at home. So speak to your florist about a plan to gift to your family and friends. 
Floral table centres are a joy to make and bring the whole wedding vibe together, playing a pivotal role in helping to set the tone and ambiance of your celebrations. Collaborate and trust your florist to bring your vision to life, and most of all enjoy your flowers and the joy, romance and celebration they will bring to your wedding. 
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